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What is included in the FREE materials?

  • How to Create Your Outline

  • Get to the Point of Self-Publishing: 9 Steps to writing & self-publishing your book without the B.S. (Ebook)

  • Course: Learn How to Write and Use Your Book

    • Learn the importance of Self-publishing

    • Goals and Expectations

    • How to use the book as a business card

    • How to find the doors of opportunity - to sell your book, grow your business

    • How to craft your keynote

    • Writing exercises on how to hear from the Holy Spirit while writing

    • Guide to public speaking success

    • How to leverage podcasting to amplify your message

    • What you need to self-publish

    • Armor up with the Armor of God (Ephesians 6)

    • Keynote speech: Empty Yourself

  • Step-by-step Roadmap

  • Roadmap Outline

Value - $2500

What Our Client says

". . . the accountability piece to following through with this and that, just keeping an idea in my head, but focusing on investing time in me. . ."

- Ashleah Burkeen

Sprint Zone Client

“ I am incredibly thankful for the guidance and support Wendy has provided for me through the book writing process. Due to the timely nature of a business book idea, I found myself needing to push forward faster than I initially anticipated. This felt overwhelming and stressful. Wendy’s unique and strategic process has given me the actionable steps necessary to go from idea to paper.

I can now see my book through to the finish line. Thank you for giving me the confidence to move forward despite a shorter timeline! ”

- Deanna Cotten

Jump Start Business Builders

"Wendy is a gem. In conversation about life and of course, business. She has an ear to hear subtle challenges and helps to tweak wording so that you can accelerate your opportunity at hand."

- Ivy Perez

About Wendy Melrose

Wendy serves the Lord Jesus Christ.

Why is this information important? Because, when she first started this business, she created content and information based upon what a coach recommended, but then the Lord revealed to her, "I did not ask you to create this." So, in her quiet time, she went back to the basics on how the Lord started her on this path. . . here is her story.

When Wendy was an insurance agency owner, in the Fall of 2022, she was led to a bible verse Proverbs 16:3 AMPC "I commit my works to you, Lord, I trust in you wholly. May my thoughts be agreeable to your will that these plans would be established and succeed.". . . that is when everything started to change.

While at a prayer and worship service in January 2023, the Lord restored a gift she gave up 26 years earlier, her gift of writing. Poetry started to flow and she wrote two children's books, "Ben's Great Escape" and "Ben's Big Move".

In her journey to self-publish the books she became increasingly frustrated by the information available to help her. So, she vowed after she figured it out, she would make resources available to everyone.

Wendy also learned in 2024 how corrupt the publishing world was making empty promised and charging people exorbitant amounts of money just to get a book published. No writing coaching, no marketing of the books, nothing. People were promised the books would open the doors to opportunity, but quickly realized how untrue this really was in and of itself.

Wendy held an event in April 2024 where she invited speakers to share about how to book more speaking events, how to craft their keynotes, how to use the book as a business card, how to find the doors of opportunity and how to leverage podcasting to broadcast their message, she now offers this information to you FREE!

The Lord has told Wendy, the information is to be free, because people are hurting and people need help! No catch, no gimmicks, no emails required. So, enjoy what the Lord has given Wendy and may it bless you!

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